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Whether you’re looking for an exciting new career, already working in a marketing role or you’re a business owner looking to improve online engagement, this course developed by the Digital Marketing Institute is perfect for you. There is huge demand for these skills right now as businesses strive to compete for customers’ attention. Endorsed by the biggest names in the industry, this Diploma in Digital Marketing is an online course that has been validated by the Syllabus Advisory Council members, including:

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As part of your course, our Careers Team will help you with your digital presence, show you how to create a successful career plan, how to interview successfully and make a great impression. We will also help you with your resume and Linkedin profile ensuring you market yourself successfully and build a great network. This is a free service.

Enquire below and we'll get you started with our guide: "Shaping a Successful Digital Marketing Career". Find out how to identify the best places to work, which jobs will add the most value to your career, how to write a winning CV and how to negotiate a top salary.

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Shortly after completing the course I was offered a position at Twitter, as a Marketing Operations Specialist, where my digital marketing skills are put to use on a daily basis. The knowledge I gained has helped me in my current role, executing marketing campaigns on a global scale.
Davin Kelly - Twitter

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What you'll learn in this online course

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing includes 9 modules covering the most important and up-to-date skills in demand today. If you’re looking for digital marketing courses this option allows you study online, no matter where in Australia you are located. Modules include SEO, PPC, Mobile, Social, Display, Email, Analytics and Strategy and Planning. To receive global certification, you will complete a 3-hour exam to validate your new capabilities. Click on a module title below to learn more.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Harness the power of digital marketing as a core driver of your business’s marketing strategy. Throughout your Digital Marketing course, you will learn about the key concepts and how it differs from traditional marketing, as well as how these two practices can be implemented to complement each other. The module will also introduce you to the Digital Marketing Institute Methodology; an iterative framework that outlines how you can adopt, measure and refine key tenets.

Search Engine Optimization

You will become familiar with key concepts and terminology, and equip yourself with the technical skills and insight required to build and maintain an effective SEO strategy. The module will introduce you to a range of specialist tools, on-site and off-site optimization techniques, as well as keyword research practices and link building tactics that will drive traffic to your website and generate customer conversions. You will also be able to monitor and manage your SEO strategy by measuring the metrics that matter and refining your performance as a direct result.

Pay Per Click Advertising

You will learn how to implement and manage an enhanced Pay Per Click campaigns, to increase your brand awareness and extend reach. In this module, you will develop an understanding of the fundamentals of search marketing within a PPC context, and what is involved in creating and running an optimized AdWords campaign. You will be able to carry out keyword research, refined audience targeting and craft compelling ad copy and creative. The module will also teach you how to measure and analyze the effectiveness of your PPC activities through platforms such as AdWords and Google Analytics.

Digital Display Marketing

This module will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to implement and manage an effective display ad campaign. You will learn how to create and run effective display ads, and develop an understanding of the available ad formats and their relevance to specific target audiences. The module will enable you to research and leverage a range of ad publishers in order to optimize your campaign. You will be able to develop clear campaign objectives and track its performance using a variety of metrics that correlate with your overall business goals.

Social Media Marketing​

In the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing’s two social media marketing modules, you will learn how to effectively engage with and acquire customers across a diverse range of platforms, and be able to identify the suitability of different platforms for achieving your aims and objectives. You will become adept at using paid promotion across social media to build and sustain customer relationships. The modules will equip you with the skills you need to develop and implement a comprehensive social media strategy for your business, from social listening to campaign measurement. You will also become familiar with key privacy and data protection issues associated with social media marketing.

Email Marketing

Upon completion of this digital marketing courses Email module, you will be able to design, create and implement email marketing campaigns that will increase customer reach and sales for your business. You will learn how to write compelling copy, split test design templates and test campaigns to guarantee optimal open and click through rates. The module will explore the concept of segmentation, and how it can help you to produce specific audience groups that you can target with the most appropriate email copy. You will also gain an understanding of SPAM and data protection, and ensure you don’t infringe upon the strict SPAM guidelines and data protection regulations, in order to guarantee the deliverability of your marketing emails.

Mobile Marketing

The digital marketing courses online Mobile Marketing module focuses on utilising the power of mobile technologies to access increasingly mobile consumers. You will be equipped with the technical knowledge and skills needed to build and maintain an effective mobile marketing strategy. You will learn how to run effective SMS campaigns and gain an understanding of essential mobile practices such as NFC, app development and Bluetooth. The module will teach you how to optimise your website for mobile devices to secure maximum conversions. You will also be able to integrate your mobile marketing with innovative social media techniques, and review the effectiveness of your mobile marketing activities with advanced analytics tools.


You will learn how to efficiently monitor and optimize your digital marketing strategy, and develop an understanding of key analytics platforms and metrics that can help you to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing. The module will examine how to implement analytics tracking across your website and set up goals that will allow you to determine how successfully you are converting your website visitors. You will learn how to create and schedule customized reports and explore the real-time and intelligence reporting capabilities of Google Analytics. You will also become familiar with how to assess the effectiveness of your website’s technical performance to maximize its ability to assist with your high-level business goals.

What about careers?

Digital Marketing will be the boom industry of the next 10 years. In 2016, Digital advertising spend is projected to hit US$198 billion, surpassing TV advertising for the first time ever! We are entering an era where there is a complete shift in how businesses communicate with customers and where there is a huge lack of people with the skills to help them. Currently there are more than 17,000 students in over 80 countries across the globe learning these skills and a staggering 80.5% of graduates have told us that they were promoted after receiving this certification. Below are just a few of the major companies that have employed graduates of this course.

If you're looking for work or a career change in Australia, we'd like to help you. Ascent Learning has compiled a list of digital marketing agencies, businesses and recruitment firms that will be happy to receive your resume once you're certified. Enquire to find out more.

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