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If you think back to a time when you felt successful you’ll most likely remember feeling confident, skilled and knowledgeable. You’ll remember the feeling of having mastered something, being in control and being recognised by others as a professional. If you would like to experience those feelings more often in your life and in particular in your career, we can help you.

At Ascent Learning, our student engagement and progression rates are among the highest in the industry, a fact that we are extremely proud of.

We achieve this very high success rate by:

  • helping you understand which careers you will be most successful in. Our process for doing this is based on 8 years of research

  • consulting with you on your career and the outcomes that you want now and in the future

  • assisting you to discover what skills and knowledge will contribute to your success and partnering with the highest quality education providers

  • providing you with quality, expert information at no cost to you. We research the market thoroughly and help you make the decision that is right for you.

  • Informing you of the best course choices as well as how to enrol and how to receive government assistance if available

  • only enrolling you when we believe 1) you are ready and 2) the course is right for you

  • further enhancing your abilities with free courses on career building, personal branding, job seeking, personal development and planning for success.

Student Reviews

"I wanted to say 'Thank You' for the great support I've received from Ascent Learning. I'm really enjoying the Diploma course and I feel that I now have the direction that I needed in my life. I'm really happy that I managed to find you guys and you were able to assist me." Ashley Forrest

”Ascent Learning spent a lot of time helping me make the right decision. I gained so much insight into career planning and how to take charge of the outcomes that I want. Once I had direction, choosing a course was easy and because I’m doing well my confidence levels are very high. I can’t recommend Ascent highly enough." Kirstin Leuver

”Ascent Learning had several discussions with me to find out what career aspirations I have and gave me the confidence to actively start working on my career goals. They assisted me in enrolling into my Diploma course to build my knowledge base. The enrolment process was quick and seamless. My Course Coordinator has been there to answer any questions I have regarding the course and job seeking, giving me professional advice and continued confidence and guidance. I could not have attempted this challenge in my life without her.” Theresa Davidson

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We are committed to helping you through this part of your learning journey by matching courses to your needs, lifestyle and expectations.

Always on top of the ever-changing sea of information about educators and education, we are dedicated experts in the pursuit of providing the most current knowledge to base informed decisions upon.

We thrive on helping others reach their potential. Our purpose is helping others towards the achievement of their own form of greatness.

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